CTS Frequently asked questions

Length of training

This depends on how often we can meet with your drivers, (once a week) approximately 6 to 9 weeks.

Is a permit needed prior to driver training?

Yes. The student cannot drive on the public street without a current (CDL) permit; he/she must be accompanied by a licensed driver who has an equal to or greater than (CDL) driver’s license.

Location of training

All training is done at your location with your equipment.
When your drivers obtain their (CDL) Commercial Drivers License they will be ready to operate your company vehicle safely.

What are the steps needed to obtain a (CDL) Commercial Drivers License?

  1. Valid Social Security card and a DL-51 Medical Exam Report.
  2. Complete and pass the CDL Written Exam to obtain a permit.
  3. Take and pass the (CDL) road test at the DMV.

Why do I need a certificate to operate a forklift truck?

OSHA 1910.178 (Rev. 7-1-89) requires that only trained and authorized operators shall be permitted to operate a (forklift) powered industrial truck.


Why CTS?

CTS provides a personalized and professional approach to transportation safety.

Over 25 years of commercial driver training experience.

We take pride in every student we train. We have passed 100% of our students through the Department of Motor Vehicle’s CDL testing program.