Commercial driver's licence (CDL) training

Commercial Transportation Services offers CDL Training Programs for both Class “A” and Class “B” license. Your CDL drivers will become well-informed operators and provide a safer working environment for years to come.


CDL WRITTEN workshop seminar - Class “A” or Class “B” license
The lecture will assist your drivers in preparing for the commercial driver’s license written exam. Specific questions pertaining to the written exam will be addressed.

Topic covered: General knowledge, air brakes, tanker endorsement, and combination vehicles (Class A).

Prerequisite: A valid Social Security card and a DL-51 Medical Examination Report.

Location: Lectures can be presented at your location or our CTS Training Center

Total training time: Approximately 7 to 8 hours


CDL ROAD TEST preparation workshop - The presentation will review specific requirements pertaining to the CDL road test examination.

Topic covered: Daily vehicle inspection, air brake systems check, skills test, and behind-the-wheel road test.

Total training time: Approximately 6 hours

CDL pad review - The presentation is a “hands-on” demonstration and review of the equipment and skills test procedures. An introduction to the your specific company equipment.

Topic covered: Daily vehicle inspection, air brake systems check, and skills test.

Total training time: Approximately 2 to 4 hours


B/W driver training - Behind-the-Wheel training will review the commercial driving operational requirements and will include city and freeway driving. This allows students the chance to fine-tune their basic driving skills. Training can be one-on-one or in group sessions.

Total training time: Approximately 6 to 8 hours
Class “A” drivers may need additional training time to enhance skills on trailer control.


Behind-the-wheel (B/W) driver evaluation

Scored road test - The Behind-the-Wheel evaluation serves as a simulated Department of Motor Vehicles road test. This evaluation will document and identify good and bad driving habits and each driver will be scored based on their individual driving skills and proficiency.

Maximum: 4 evaluations per day.

Evaluation time: Approximately 2 hours per road test


DMV Day - The instructor will escort the students to the local DMV for their road test. The instructor will also review last minute information with students and will monitor proper DMV procedures.


Why choose CTS?

CTS provides a personalized and professional approach to transportation safety.

We take pride in every student we train. We have passed 100% of our students through the Department of Motor Vehicle’s CDL testing program.

Over 25 years of commercial driver training experience.



The DMV testing examiner was so impressed with our performances he remarked that it was a pleasure to test people who were so knowledgeable.

We feel that we were not only trained to pass the tests, but that we have a thorough and complete knowledge of the Air Brake Systems, Hazardous Materials, and Tanker Endorsements as required per the California Commercial Drivers License Program. In addition, the One-on-One Defensive Driving course has given us the confidence we need while driving the truck.

Dale A. Warren
City of San Fernando