Behind-the-wheel driver evaluation

This behind-the-wheel evaluation will identify good and bad driving habits. Each driver is evaluated and scored based upon their driving skills and proficiency.

  • General driver proficiency review - Our general review is an excellent refresher course for your drivers. Your drivers’ basic knowledge and defensive driving skills will be evaluated.
  • Pre-DMV evaluation - This insightful review will identify key elements that are required to successfully pass the Department of Motor Vehicle’s CDL road test.
  • Pre-employment proficiency exam - We can be a vital resource when considering new employees. Our independent evaluation will include the daily vehicle inspection, behind-the-wheel and skills test.
  • Post accident review - This independent review will evaluate key factors that attributed to the accident and establish preventable measures. The driver will then engage in a hands-on reinforcement of safe driving habits.

All road tests are scored.

Drivers should be evaluated annually to maintain high driving standards.